I currently work as a Researcher on Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping for a small lunar rover. In the past I had professional experiences in Visual Effects Compositing for films, Virtual Reality and Computer Vision for UAV’s. While those branches seem very different, there is a lot of overlap when it comes to dealing with cameras and images, whether it’s in a manual or automated way. Check out my website and feel free to contact me if you want to know more: ludivigfoo@hotmailbla.com.

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Current and previous work:

ispace NASAEuropean Space Agency Double Negative


2020: A Real-Time Approach for Chance-Constrained Motion Planning with Dynamic Obstacles.
IEEE RA-L : ICRA 2020 : Paris
2019: Absolute Localization Through Orbital Maps and Surface Perspective Imagery: A Synthetic Lunar Dataset and Neural Network Approach
IEEE IROS 2019 : Macau
2015: Towards an Autonomous Vision-Based Unmanned Aerial System against Wildlife Poachers
Sensors 2015, 15(12), 31362-31391; doi: 10.3390/s151229861



2013 – 2015 MSc Information and Computer Sciences University of Luxembourg, LUX
2010 – 2011 MA Digital Effects Bournemouth University, UK
2007 – 2010 BA Computer Visualisation and Animation Bournemouth University, UK
2006 – 2007 Product Design ISD Valenciennes, France


Online courses:

2019: Nvidia DLI: Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA C/C++
2019: Nvidia DLI: Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision
2019: Nvidia DLI: Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Multiple Data Types
2015: Stanford University: Machine Learning
2013: MITx 6.00x: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
2013: BerkleyX CS-169.1x: Software as a Service