The following is a selection of my VFX and Motion Graphics work. Due to copyright restrictions, not all professional work is included.


A number of tank integrations for a WW2 documentary. I was a one-man VFX-team on this project working on everything from on-set supervision to rigging, animating, rendering and compositing.


Finding Jakob

Finding Jakob is an Experimental VR movie that I worked on as a VFX supervisor, setting up the complete stitching and compositing pipeline of up to 11 cameras. The difficulty of the project was the custom rig that resulted out of the requirement to tell the story out of a first person view, with the cameras being placed around the head of the main actor. Additional difficulties came from some of the confined spaces we filmed in, including inside a car and a plane. The following is a short teaser of a range of different shots from the final project:



A breakdown of some of the work I have done in the past



A nice short-film on which I collaborated on with director Laurent Prim.



A side project which was developed and filmed during a weekend and then completed within a two week timeframe. I was responsible for creating the 3D hats.



A music project where most of the VFX work went into the amputation of the main character’s legs at the end of the video.


Crème Fraîche

An animation project explaining the voting process at a film festival.



Group Project at the NCCA. This was the final project on the BA Computer Animation and Visualisation. It was filmed in different locations all over London. We used Houdini for the dynamics, Maya for lighting and rendering, and the compositing was done in Shake/Nuke.



Group Project at the NCCA, lead compositor. The project was completed from the idea to the final project within 8 weeks. The table is a digital insert, except for the reflections, which were acquired with a piece of plexiglass. The window has been replaced as well.


Tetris Reloaded

Main project from my MA Digital Effects at Bournemouth University, completed from the idea to the final project in 11 weeks.