I have been working on filming and stitching for Virtual Reality. Below is an example of a spherical panorama taken with a DSLR a wide angle lens and  a panoramic tripod head. (click in the bottom right corner to enjoy the full resolution)


Finding Jakob

Finding Jakob is an Experimental VR movie that I worked on as a VFX supervisor, setting up the complete stitching and compositing pipeline of up to 11 cameras. The difficulty of the project was the custom rig that resulted out of the requirement to tell the story out of a first person view, with the cameras being placed around the head of the main actor. Additional difficulties came from some of the confined spaces we filmed in, including inside a car and a plane. The following is a short teaser of a range of different shots from the final project:

The project was filmed with GoPro cameras due to the size restriction of the cameras. Additionally perfect panoramas were captured on set with a wide angle lens and a panoramic tripod-head. The footage was synchronized automatically with the help of the GoPro audio. A custom tool translated the resulting Adobe Premiere project into a Nuke script. Nuke with it’s CARA VR plugin was used for the stitching. PTgui was used for the still Panoramas.